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Shu Puerh (Dark)

A relatively new group of Puerhs, this tea first appeared in 1974. During production Shu Puerhs, unlike Sheng Puerhs, undergo an intense post fermentation process. Tea is placed in large piles, heavily watered and left for several months to be monitored by tea technicians, occasionally the piles are moved around. In result of this process raw tea (Mao Cha) transforms into Shu Puerh. This tea can have a variety of different undertones in flavour, including woody and date-like undertones. Shu Puerhs are valued for their ability to boost energy. 

In China Shu Puerhs are brewed lightly, making sure the liquor remains relatively transparent. But in other countries it is not uncommon for Shu Puerhs to be brewed strong and one of the main ways to determine how well this tea has been brewed is by how dark and thick the liquor is. This is especially true to Europe.