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TJ Bonus System



Place an order to receive a gift based on the total order value. The gifts will occasionally change based on stock availability. 




A sample of something especially nice :) or a sieve.




30 grams of Black tea Hei Jin Xiao Zhong, Black gold or 100 grams of Shu Puerh Gong Ting Cha Zhuan, 2016.




100g. cake of Shu Puerh Bing Dao 2018 or 40 grams of Ali Shan Oolong, AA or Gaiwan #26.




150g. cake of Sheng Puerh Bing Dao, 2013 or 50 grams of Zhong Guo Meng, Shai Hong.




50 grams of Guangdong Oolong Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong, AAA or 50 grams of Gaba Grape.



from 300$ 

100 grams of Sai Lang Duo Ji or 40 grams of Gui Fei or 30 grams of Liu Bao 2001.