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Lazy ChaoZhou Cha or how to brew Dan Cong in an unusual way.


We would like to share with you an unusually tasty and interesting way to brew Guandong tea. It is really simple: it’s almost like ChaoZhou Cha brewing where we basically put a lot of tea into a small teapot. The result is a floral-fruity explosion with a long lasting aftertaste which keeps you in balance for several hours. It’s an interesting feature of heated Guandong Oolongs - when intensely brewed they open up in a special way. But it’s important to use a heated Oolong, for example a classic Mi Lan Xiang DC. Light Oolongs will most likely get oversteeped and will have more of an unpleasant taste.


Start off by taking the smallest clay teapot or Gaiwan that you have, but it’s best to use a teapot. Place as much tea into the brewing vessel as you can fit inside. We used 15 g. of Mi Lan Xiang DC, AAA in a 150ml teapot. Pour the hot water (approximately 85C) into the brewing vessel and pour out the first steep almost immediately. If you are sure that the Oolong is of good-quality, then you can drink the first steep. Otherwise discard it. Continue brewing the tea in the same way that you would when brewing using the Pin Cha method. If the Dan Cong that you are drinking is of good-quality, this method of brewing will help to open up the flavour profile in all its glory.

Good luck experimenting!