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Important information! 

Dear tea friends, we are going to be rebooting and reformatting Tea Joint. Our first practical step in this direction will be to physically clear and clean out our tea(ware)house. This means that we are launching a big cascade sale. What does that mean exactly? We are starting out the sale with a -20% on everything, the discount will continue to increase every week. The sale will end at the end of May.

Use promo code “final”

Warning! Once something is out of stock - it’s gone! You can wait for the discount to escalate, but there is a chance that the tea or teaware may be out of stock before the discount increases.

We want to thank everyone who shared in the journey and offered so much support, kindness and love! This is not a goodbye, just a great chance to rethink and improve (more on that later).

Wishing you good health and happiness, may each day include numerous cups of fantastic tea