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Fresh New Arrivals!



We have some interesting new arrivals we would like to share with you:


GABA “Deep Forest” - a Gaba made from wild-growing raw material. A rare find and a perfect addition for any Taiwanese tea collection.


- Ivan Chai “Ivan Kaporich - a famous “Russian tea”.

- Two Liu bao from Guangxi: one from the year 2001 and the other one from 2003. What else is there to say ;) 


- Dong Ding Song Po - a pleasant, smoky Dong Ding, medium heated. Made by the Song Po farm.


Some Green Teas harvested in 2020:

- True Long Jing from lake Xi Hu.

- A Green tea made by monks at the Sichuan monastery.

- A classic E Sheng Mao Jian.