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Ku Qiao Mai 苦荞麦, Buckwheat Tea

We would like to share with you our recent discovery in the world of tisane teas: Qiao Mai 荞麦,, Ku Qiao Mai 苦荞麦  or Buckwheat tea. It has a very delicious flavour with a seductive sweet confectionary taste and aroma. The flavour profile includes notes of caramel, fresh cinnamon buns and chocolate oatmeal cookies. A great alternative for tea lovers who are looking to decrease caffeine consumption. Buckwheat can be brewed in a cup or thermos, or even Gong Fu Cha style.

This tisane tea is made out of tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum), it is grown in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Shanxi, as well as in Taiwan and Japan. Since this is an annual plant that is not very tall, when being harvested the stems and leaves are also collected. Later on the seeds are extracted from the rest of the material to prevent any rotting. Then the seeds are sifted and roasted. Further processing of the raw material depends on what the finished product will be: it can be whole seeds, powder buckwheat, or buckwheat bran.


How do you brew buckwheat?


Recommended water temperature is 90°C, tea-to-water ratio is 4g. per a 100ml. brewing vessel. Buckwheat is best brewed using the Pin Cha method or by steeping in a teapot European style for approximately 1 minute and voila! Buckwheat brew is now ready to be enjoyed! It pairs really well with milk.