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Lui Bao Cha - exquisiteness that comes with age.



Some interesting facts about LB:

It is considered that Shu Puerh was created based off of Lui Bao Cha.

Lui Bao Cha is especially popular in Malaysia. In the 1970s Chinese immigrants that worked in Malaysian tin mines consumed a lot of Lui Bao Cha. It was a way to freshen up and boost energy, it was sometimes even used as medicine.

Liu Bao Hei Cha (六堡黑茶) or “Six Fortresses'' is a tea from the Guangxi province, it became popular during the Qing dynasty. The history of this tea began in the Daguishan mountain ranges in the Eastern part of the province, where tea gardens are situated at a height of 1500 meters.

Material for Liu Bao is harvested several times a year. Shoots that have two, three of four leaves are collected. The first stage of production takes about a month and includes the following steps:

Sha Qing (steaming), 

Chu Rou (primary shaping or rolling of the material), 

Wo Dui (material is left to ferment in damp piles), 

Fu Rou (subsequent rolling/shaping ),

Qian Zao (material is left to dry). 

The tea is then pressed and left to mature. During the 1st year of maturing it is stored in a cold, dark facility. During the 2nd year it is stored in a well ventilated facility. During the third year the tea is stored in a dry facility - this is the last stage of maturing and it can last from 3 to 10 years.


Lui Bao has a complex and fine flavour profile that can include woodiness with a touch of astringency and dried berries with an aftertaste comprised of red wine and woody-herbal liqueur.