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Pin Wu Cha (品悟茶 - discover the world through tea)



Pin Wu Cha is a new tea brand, a collaboration between Yunnan farmers and Taiwanese tea technicians. Tea is made in remote nature reserve areas in the Yunnan province by local highly-skilled tea farmers under the supervision of Taiwanese master tea technicians. Raw material is collected from wild trees and bushes. Authenticity and craftsmanship in an eco-friendly tea - that is Pin Wu Cha in a nutshell.

Shu Puerh "Gold Barrel", 2019 -  is a Shu Puerh harvested from 200-year-old trees in the Madeng garden, produced in a very small quantity (presumably only 15kg were made), handmade. After the second steep you may begin to realize why this Shu Puerh is so expensive: Cha Qi is strong with this one, something between an aged Sheng and an aged Shu. The raw material is truly wonderful, hats off to the tea master.

Black Tea Gu Shu from Madenga "Fire flower", 2019 - During the manufacturing of this tea the fermentation process was stopped by heating the raw material on fire. The tea is made out of raw material harvested from 100 to 150-year-old trees and bushes. Made by Master Xiang. It has a strong aroma and a dominant Cha Qi with a full-bodied, elegant flavour.

Black Tea Bitter Shai Hong from Ailao 'Black label' - raw material is collected from 100 to 150-year-old trees that grow at an approximate height of 2400m. After being harvested the tea is left to dry in the sun. This Black tea has a straight-forward aroma that includes menthol and gooseberry notes with hints of red apple. The liquor is a luscious with a rich flavour.

Black Tea E Sheng Gu Shu Hong Cha - raw material is collected from 100 to 200-year-old trees that grow at an approximate height of 2400m in Fengqing. Made by Master Young, harvested in March 2019. The aroma opens up with notes of currants and cane sugar, followed by mint, raspberries, amaretto, apricots and almonds. The taste is velvety and smooth with a slight astringency.