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Black tea Dian Hong Mao Feng
Black tea Dian Hong Mao Feng
Black tea Dian Hong Mao Feng
Black tea (Hong Cha)

Black tea Dian Hong Mao Feng

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A famous tea from Yunnan, its name can be translated as “Hairs on peaks”. Dian Hong Mao Feng got its name because of the hairs on its leaves and buds which look a lot like golden fluff.

It has a warm, woody and spicy aroma. The taste is nuanced, pleasant and warm with a small hint of tartness at the end.

It can be prepared in porcelain or clay teaware. Water is best heated to a temperature of 90-95 °С (194-203°F). Suggested brewing method is Pin Cha; this tea can be steeped up to 9 times. Tea-to-water ratio is 6 g. (0.21 oz) per 100 ml. (3.5 oz) of water.

A good tea for the morning, afternoon and evening. Fills you with positivity and helps to calm down.