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Black tea Dian Hong Song Zhen, AA
Black tea Dian Hong Song Zhen, AA
Black tea Dian Hong Song Zhen, AA
Black tea (Hong Cha)

Black tea Dian Hong Song Zhen, AA

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Dian Hong Song Zhen is a Black tea from Yunnan.  It is also called “Pine needles” because of its resemblance to actual pine needles. Only leaves with long stems are used to make this tea, they are collected predominantly during the summertime. Apart from the standard manufacturing process the tea also undergoes an additional production stage: it is processed with a special roller to shape it. The stems not only give the tea its specific needle-like appearance but also add a tart flavour to the brew.

Dian Hong Song Zhen AA has a pleasant flavour of honey and dried apricots with a sweet aftertaste. Soothing and warming, helps to gently wind down.

Dian Hong Song Zhen can be prepared in porcelain or clay teaware. Water is best heated to a temperature of 85-90 °С (185-194°F). The best brewing method is Pin Cha; it can be steeped up to 7 times. Tea-to-water ratio is 6 g. (0.21 oz) per 100 ml. (3.5 oz) of water.