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Black Tea Lao Qi Hong, 2006
Black Tea Lao Qi Hong, 2006
Limited collection
Black Tea Lao Qi Hong, 2006
Limited collection
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Black Tea Lao Qi Hong, 2006

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An aged, chopped classic Qi Hong. The dry leaf aroma is similar to an aged Hei Cha with Qi Hong fruity notes trying to break into the aroma composition. The dry leaf also includes notes of mint and apple as well as a light fruity sourness.

The taste has an astringency which transitions into a dried fruit sweetness and a long-lasting mint and dried dates aftertaste. This tea is best categorized as something between a Qi Hong and a Liu An Hei Cha.

The tea state helps to freshen up and concentrate; mood boosting.

An interesting tea to keep in your collection to drink every once in a while. Perhaps more of its value is in its age rather than its flavour. Not a typical tea, and that’s what makes it special.