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Da Hong Pao 888
Da Hong Pao 888
Da Hong Pao 888
Da Hong Pao 888
Rock Oolong (Wuyi Yancha)

Da Hong Pao 888

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A good old classic. Warm, terry plaid covers the mouth with a sweet density of bitter chocolate with hints of rosehip. Aroma, flavor, and condition are all in confident balance.

The sweetest aroma of caramel with the salt of the warmed leaf heralds a wonderful tea party. The bright orange color of the first spill warms the mouth with the light sweetness of floral nectar. The steamed leaf shares the aroma of sweet tobacco and the embers of an extinguished fireplace. At the bottom of the empty Сha Hai, the creamy sweetness of butterscotch splashes.The bitterness in the aftertaste fades beautifully, turning into tenderness.

An excellent representative of Da Hong Pao of moderate warmth.Lots of sweet notes, moderate smoke and charcoal, a clear state of measured focus, and in addition a variegated palette of flavors.