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Dong Ding Qing Xiang
Dong Ding Qing Xiang
Dong Ding Qing Xiang
Dong Ding Qing Xiang
Taiwanese Oolong

Dong Ding Qing Xiang

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Dong Ding is repeatedly twisted and moderately heated during production. Fermentation of the leaf is light. Spherically curled flecks of all shades of green with yellow cuttings. On warming with a breath aroma of flowers, greens and a touch of cream. Water is 85°, but can be poured in the 95° range. The infusion is light green. Taste has sourness of green apple, lemon, basil and violets. The sweetness of lilac, jasmine, fresh cut grass, hops, a little red apple. The aftertaste is fruity, sour sweet with a metallic flavor and a hint of green apple. The tea refreshes the perception, relieves tension and calms the mind. Lifts the mood and adds color to the gray of everyday life.