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Guangdong Oolong Ju Duo Zi Dan Cong
Guangdong Oolong Ju Duo Zi Dan Cong
Guangdong Oolong Ju Duo Zi Dan Cong
Dan Cong Oolong

Guangdong Oolong Ju Duo Zi Dan Cong

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Ju Duo Zi (锯朵仔) or Sharp teeth. A rather rare bush that grows mostly in Wudang Shan (one of the peaks near the Feng Huang village), there are only a few families that make this tea. The tea got its name because of the leaf shape - it looks as though it has “sharp teeth” around the rim.

Ju Duo Zi has a flavour profile somewhat atypical of Dan Congs. The aroma includes berry and fruit notes with a touch of tropical fruit. The dry leaf has unexpected hop and beer-like notes. The aroma shifts and has something new to offer with every steep. The taste is wholesome, enveloping and gentle. An interesting Dan Cong to try steeping more intensely. 

A great option for morning or daytime tea sessions. Helps to freshen up and get inspired.