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Hei Cha Liu Bao, 2001
Hei Cha Liu Bao, 2001
Hei Cha Liu Bao, 2001
Hei Cha

Hei Cha Liu Bao, 2001

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A tea with a history that goes back 2 thousand years, the name Lui Bao can be translated as “Six Castles” which may be due to the fortes which were once situated in these regions. Liu Bao Hei Cha is made in Guangxi province, Liu Bao village.

Once heated the aroma is not intense and includes earthy, mushroomy and woody notes. Best brewed with water heated at 96℃, but fully boiled water can be used a well. The liquor is a dark brown, almost black colour. Once brewed the aroma acquires more profound woody and chocolate notes. The taste has a pleasant bitterness and notes of bark, wood tar and earth. Sweet hay, chamomile, nuts and a touch of chocolate. The aftertaste has earthy-woody tones. A meditative tea which balances body and spirit, bringing everything to balance. Gentle and soothing.