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Ku Ding
Ku Ding

Ku Ding

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Ku Ding (“Ku” can be translated from Chinese as bitter) is a tea beverage made out of dried leaves from the holly plant (species of Ilex). Once brewed it has a distinct bitter flavour, during the brewing process water temperature levels play a big role. If steeped in water at 100°C - the tea drink will be almost overwhelmingly bitter. But if steeped using water at 40-60°C the result will be a more refined flavour profile although bitterness will still have a dominant role in the overall composition. At first Ku Ding may not seem like a very tasty beverage, but give it a chance and it may grow on you.

Recommended brewing method: place from 1 to 5 “spikes” (pieces of dried leaves rolled into long stick-like shapes) into a glass or cup and fill it with water that is heated to 40-60°C. Leave for a few minutes to steep and the drink is ready to be enjoyed!

In traditional Chinese medicine it is considered to be a medicinal beverage with considerable health benefits.