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Phoenix Oolong Wu Dong Dan Cong
Phoenix Oolong Wu Dong Dan Cong
Phoenix Oolong Wu Dong Dan Cong
Dan Cong Oolong

Phoenix Oolong Wu Dong Dan Cong

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The raw material for this Phoenix Oolong was grown on the volcanic soil of the Wu Dong Phoenix Mountain peak. The heated leaf has a rich aroma composition consisting of fruit and floral notes. Once steeped the aroma becomes more gentle. The liquor is a golden colour. The taste includes sweet apricot, saffron, jasmine, pear, raisins and a hint of almond biscuits. Light basil and tangerine tartness. When brewed intensely the brew becomes more astringent with a touch of eucalyptus. The aftertaste is longlasting with a sweet tartness. Cha Qi is energizing, helps to warm up and concentrate. A pleasant state that helps to catch positive vibes.