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Rock Oolong Lao Tie Lohan, 2017
Rock Oolong Lao Tie Lohan, 2017
Rock Oolong Lao Tie Lohan, 2017
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Rock Oolong Lao Tie Lohan, 2017

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As soon as you open the tea bag the aroma instantly wins you over with its cherry tree, cinnamon and chocolate composition. It’s as though the aroma in and of itself is enough to enjoy the tea. Once the leaf is heated there is no more doubt that this is a truly wonderful tea. Hazelnuts and walnuts.

The taste is milky, nutty with sweet cherries. The Gaiwan lid hides notes of a flower garden and pear juice. The aroma is reminiscent of a light-fermented Guangdong Oolong. The aroma and taste seem to live separate lives. The cliff melody is wonderful and long-lasting. Floral notes make their way into the liquor only on the final steeps. 

The Cha Qi is strong, peaceful, pushes back any bad thoughts and helps to immerse into the process of tea drinking. 

Tea Joint recommended!