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Ruby №18 Hong Cha AAA + (Ruby Black Tea)
Ruby №18 Hong Cha AAA + (Ruby Black Tea)
Ruby №18 Hong Cha AAA + (Ruby Black Tea)
Ruby №18 Hong Cha AAA + (Ruby Black Tea)
Black tea (Hong Cha)

Ruby №18 Hong Cha AAA + (Ruby Black Tea)

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Taiwanese tea #18, known as Hong Yu, sometimes also called Han Shan black tea, carries the genes of wild mountain tea. It is a large-leafed variety with a tree-like trunk, high crown and relatively few branches, which is the main difference from the shrub tea variety. With thick and long roots, the tree grows strong and disease-resistant, and the young buds and down are relatively few. The leaves are thick with a strong luster and have a wavy edge shape. 

"Red jade" has a large, slightly twisted longitudinally black leaf. On warming the breath has an unusual sweet aroma of fruit, cinnamon and honey. With the addition of water at about 90 ° you get a bright and dense ruby-copper infusion, which justifies its name. After the first pour, the aroma becomes even brighter and resembles a warming herbal ointment with hints of peppermint. The taste is smooth and multifaceted. Sweetness of red apple, raisins, raspberries, kiwi, honey and hops. Sourness of black currant, lemon and rose. The aftertaste is long, with sweetness and fruity overtones, also feels a little cold on the palate. The condition is powerful, it changes the perception of reality. A burst of energy, a decent charge of vivacity, clarity of vision and clarity of thought. The tea will warm you up and send you on your way.

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