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Sheng Puerh Nan Nuo Shan, 2020
Sheng Puerh Nan Nuo Shan, 2020
Sheng Puerh Nan Nuo Shan, 2020
Sheng Puerh (Raw)

Sheng Puerh Nan Nuo Shan, 2020

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A fresh loose leaf Sheng from Nan Nuo - a small mountain situated between Jing Hong (capital of Xishuangbanna) and Menghai (main tea city of the prefecture). There are trees that are up to 500 years old and grow at altitudes of up to 1900m.

The heated leaf aroma is languid and tobacco-y.

Peachy heaven, It’s like a nectar that bursts through a smoky seal. The taste is vibrantly fruity with an aftertaste that includes notes of peach, apricot and mango. This Sheng requires a good amount of time to really get a feel for all of the flavour play.

Completely relaxing and helps to feel rested. A great choice when you want to kick back and let the pleasantness of the tea sink in.