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Taiwanese Oolong Dong Ding, AAA
Taiwanese Oolong Dong Ding, AAA
Taiwanese Oolong Dong Ding, AAA
Taiwanese Oolong

Taiwanese Oolong Dong Ding, AAA

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A traditional Dong Ding, medium-heated. The dry leaf has a baked aroma that is complemented by notes of creamy cookies. The heated leaf unveils cherries and a peanut buttery aroma.

The taste is buttery with plum notes and a hint of salty seeds. The aftertaste has a slight tartness which transitions into a plum taste, then a peanut and walnut taste and finally returns to the tartness. The last few steeps acquire a sort of creaminess.

A great choice for fans of the Taiwanese classics. Everything is just right - both taste and aroma. Perfect for immersive tea sessions, but not a good idea if you are short on time. 

This Dong Ding is almost like a story plot with it’s own exposition, climax and resolution in a tea kind of way.