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Taiwanese Oolong Gui Fei
Taiwanese Oolong Gui Fei
Taiwanese Oolong Gui Fei
Taiwanese Oolong

Taiwanese Oolong Gui Fei

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The special perfume-like aroma of Gui Fei is quite memorable : raspberries, canned pears and infinite sweetness. Spiciness and milk intertwine with woody and berry notes. The aftertaste is light raspberries with a tartness typical of Gaba Oolongs. Pleasantly refreshing.

Gui Fei tea appeared recently - at the beginning of the 2000s. It is made in Taiwan using the Dong Fang Mei Ren production technology and then rolled into ball shapes. The tea is named after Yang Gui Fei - one of the Four Ancient Beauties. Yang was the woman’s name and Gui Fei is the title of the first-ranking wife or beloved wife of the Tang emperor Xuanzong. Yang Gui Fei has long become the symbol of feminine beauty.