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Tisane Tea 'Taiga', Altai
Tisane Tea 'Taiga', Altai
Tisane Tea 'Taiga', Altai
Tisane Tea

Tisane Tea 'Taiga', Altai

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Herbal tisane “Taiga” is a tisane tea from Altai, Russia made out of mountain herbs. The flavour profile is herbaceous, vegetal, smoky and slightly astringent.

The tisane consists of Ivan Chai, Kuril tea, pieces of fir and pine buds.

Presumably has a sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic effect. May improve blood flow to the brain. Before using for stated purposes make sure to consult a trusted professional.

Taiga” helps to relax and catch some good vibes. A good option for cold brewing.

Recommended brewing method: 1-2 tablespoons steep in 1 glass of water that has reached boiling level. Steep for 20 minutes, remove the tea from the glass. Add honey to make it even more delicious.


Tisane Tea

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