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White tea Bai Jian
White tea Bai Jian
White tea Bai Jian
White tea

White tea Bai Jian

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Bai Jian Gu Shu (or white blades from a hundred old trees) is a white tea from Yunnan made predominantly from large buds. A fine tea that knows how to impress; it has an apple and candy-like aroma with a hint of smokiness. Its flavour is light and nuanced with a rich honey aftertaste. This tea allows you to dive into a deep and meditative state of mind; it is perfect for a long and indulgent tea session.

Meditative, gentle and calming, helps to regain a sense of balance.

Recommended brewing temperature is 80°С (176°F). Bai Jian Gu Shu can be prepared in porcelain or glass teaware. Tea-to-water ratio is 5 g. (0.18 oz) per 100 ml. (3.5 oz) of water. Recommended brewing method is Pin Cha; the tea can be steeped up to 8 times. It can be served at any time of the day: morning, afternoon or evening. Helps to relax and clear the mind.