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White tea Bai Mu Dan
White tea Bai Mu Dan
White tea Bai Mu Dan
White tea

White tea Bai Mu Dan

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Bai Mu Dan (or White peony) is a white tea from the Fujian province, Fuding and Zhenghe counties. It is known for its light, deep taste with a touch of peach flavour. It has a rich honey and floral aroma.

The tea’s unique flavor is the result of light fermentation and no rolling of the leaves, instead they are left to dry naturally under the sun which gives a special smoothness to the finished product.

Recommended brewing temperature is 80°С (176°F). Bai Mu Dan can be prepared in a porcelain gaiwan or an yixing clay teapot. Tea-to-water ratio is 5 g. (0.18 oz) per 100 ml. (3.5 oz) of water. Recommended brewing method is Pin Cha; the tea can be steeped up to 8 times. It can be served at any time of the day: morning, afternoon or evening. Helps to relax and clear the mind.


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