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White tea Shou Mei, AA
White tea Shou Mei, AA
White tea Shou Mei, AA
White tea

White tea Shou Mei, AA

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Shou Mei (or Old man's brows) is a White tea from the Fujian, Fuding. An ancient Chinese tea, it is collected throughout the entire spring season. 

A gentle and pleasant loose tea, Shou Mei AA is perfect for the everyday tea session. The dry leaf has a berry and apple arome with slight creamy undertones. Once the leaf is heated a tartness makes its way into the flavour. The taste consists of plumb, apple and tropical fruit notes with a gentle and pleasant aftertaste. Shou Mei has a light and soothing tea state. 


dry leaf aroma: dry apples, berries

steeped leaf: creamy, tart

flavour: plumb, apples