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Wuyi Oolong Bai Ji Guan, AAA, 30g.
Wuyi Oolong Bai Ji Guan, AAA, 30g.
Wuyi Oolong Bai Ji Guan, AAA, 30g.
Limited collection
Wuyi Oolong Bai Ji Guan, AAA, 30g.
Limited collection
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Wuyi Oolong Bai Ji Guan, AAA, 30g.

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Bai Ji Gua is an Oolong that has been around as early as the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). According to one legend, a hermit that lived in the mountains one day saw a vulture that wounded a white comb partridge. The hermit collected herbs and used them as medicine, and so he decided to take the bird and help it heal its wounds. Once the partridge recovered it flew away. But on the ground where drops of blood from the bird’s wound were left, a tea tree began to grow. It was an unusual tree with peculiar light leaves. When the hermit collected and brewed the leaves he discovered that the drink had a healing effect and that is how Bai Ji Gua came into being.

This tea consists of gentle young leaves which are collected predominantly in the second half of spring. Raw material must be carefully heated at a low temperature level to ensure the tea is produced properly.

The heated leaf aroma includes creamy notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Once steeped the aroma acquires notes of orchid, spice and smoke.  The taste is delicate, smooth and fruity. The flavour profile includes nutty and chocolaty sweetness, pears, a touch of sour bergamot and dried tangerine peels. Best brewed with water temperature at 85°C. Cha Qi is strong and so is the Cliff melody. 

Helps to clear the mind, relax and catch some good vibes.