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Wuyi Oolong Da Hong Pao Gao Cong
Wuyi Oolong Da Hong Pao Gao Cong
Wuyi Oolong Da Hong Pao Gao Cong
Rock Oolong (Wuyi Yancha)

Wuyi Oolong Da Hong Pao Gao Cong

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Da Hong Pao (or big red robe) is a famous tea from North Fujian surrounded by dozens of legends and tales.. It is considered to be the signature tea of the Wuyishan region. Gao Cong means tall bushes.

It has dark, relatively large leaves. Its rich aroma includes notes of pepper, dried plum, steak and maybe some nutty and orchid undertones.  Spicy, almost fiery. The taste has a slight touch of sourness with notes of fruit, bread and roasted almonds. The liquor is a dark amber colour. The bottom of the cup has a vanilla and cinnamon bun aroma. A multifaceted tea perfect for a chilly summer day. Its main vibes are relax and take is easy. 

Recommended water temperature is 85C. When drinking this tea you may want to have some water handy: Da Hong Pao Gao Cong is viscous and can make you a little thirsty.