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Wuyi Oolong Qi Lan
Wuyi Oolong Qi Lan
Wuyi Oolong Qi Lan
Rock Oolong (Wuyi Yancha)

Wuyi Oolong Qi Lan

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The name of this tea can be translated as “Magnificent orchid”, it is a lightly roasted Oolong produced in Northern Fujian.

Qi Lan is considered to have the lightest roast out of all Wuyishan Oolongs. It has a rich floral, creamy aroma, the taste is fresh and vibrant with a slight tartness and a floral aftertaste.

This tea is perfect for the morning, afternoon or evening . It soothes and boosts positive energy levels.

Qi Lan can be brewed in porcelain, clay or ceramic teaware. Recommended brewing temperature is 85-90 °С (185-194°F).  The tea can be prepared using the Pin Cha method or by steeping in a thermos or cup; it can handle up to 6 steeps. Tea-to-water ratio is 6 g. (0.21 oz) per 100 ml. (3.5 oz) of water.