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Wuyi Oolong Rou Gui Zhen Yang , AAA
Wuyi Oolong Rou Gui Zhen Yang , AAA
Wuyi Oolong Rou Gui Zhen Yang , AAA
Rock Oolong (Wuyi Yancha)

Wuyi Oolong Rou Gui Zhen Yang , AAA

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Zhen Yang Rou Gui is a rock Oolong from Wuyishan, North Fujian, it is also called cinnamon Oolong. This natural tea undergoes a heavy heating processes which gives it a rich and profound aroma.

The dry leaf aroma includes baked apples and berry  notes along with floral undertones. The heated leaf opens up to reveal a smoky and woody bread aroma with wild flowers. The aroma at the bottom of the Cha Hai is rich and voluminous consisting of wild flowers and caramel sugar. This rock oolong has a smoky flavour with notes of cinnamon bark. 

Perfect for a cozy tea session in the evening among good friends. Helps to wind down and relax the nervous system.

Recommended brewing temperature is 95°С (194-203°F).  Te Guan Yin Hua Xiang is best prepared in porcelain teaware or a Yixing teapot. Tea-to-water ratio is 5 g. (0.18 oz) per 100 ml. (3.5 oz) of water. It can be steeped up to 7 times. Best served in the afternoon.