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We are Jane and Siarhei – founders of Tea Joint and big tea culture enthusiasts.Our first acquaintance with True Tea happened in 2015. We were very surprised to discover a new depth to a beverage that we thought we knew very well. The impact that this discovery had was so profound that Siarhei made a decision to change his career path and he soon began working at a tea house. He finally had a chance to dedicate all his time and efforts into the way of tea.  After several years of study and hard work the time came to take the next step on our tea journey, and that is how Tea Joint came into being. Here we are able to share the journey, the culture, the tea and everything else in between. To provide you with the best experience and tea possible we have established a set of founding principles which guide us on our journey:

Integrity and accountability. We do our best to be honest, objective and unbiased in any situation. Our duty is to provide the best tea and service to you. We will use our best judgement to adhere to the highest standards and practices.

Striving towards the impossible, Striving towards perfection. Every day we are working on improving our services, increasing the range and quality of tea and teaware, creating good-quality content. Our goal is ultimately unattainable and there is always room for improvement.

Constant search for novelty and innovation. There is always something new to learn and to discover. That is why we are always on the lookout for the new, the fresh,  the innovative. At Tea Joint we always have something new to offer along with the good old classics.

For us tea is not just a hobby or an interesting cultural element to explore, but rather it is a way of life. In a rapidly changing world oversaturated with information, events and all types of commotion, a sit down to an immersive tea session can be a life saver: a time to slow down, reboot and relax.

We look forward to sharing the journey and the experience with you. Welcome to Tea Joint!



Jane and Siarhei, founders of Tea Joint.