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Restock on some of our Tea Joint favourites!

Here is a list of all the teas that you may have missed out, but they are back in stock and they’re dreaming of becoming a part of your personal tea collection. A lot of these teas are some of the more popular in our community and pretty much have the title of “universally” liked. So it’s basically a list of teas you are very likely to love or at least really like:

Wuyi Oolong Da Hong Pao from master Zhang – a lovely DHP made by a dedicated tea craftsman master Zhang. This DHP is traditionally heated on coal several times, this results in a fine, flavourful tea with a superb aftertaste.
Shu Puerh Ban Zhang Gu Shu, 2006, 180g. –just a smooth, gentle, bluntly awesome Shu waffle cake.
Shu Puerh Mi Fang Xiang, rice flavor, Menghai, 2018, 100g. – looking to spice up your Shu life? How about a Shu that tastes like smoked rice? Ok, maybe that’s not exactly “spicing it up”, but it’s definitely an unusual find. A thick, steady, mellow Shu.
Sheng Puerh Xigui Tuo Cha, 2012, 250 g. – a mighty, flavourful, yet simple Sheng. Great for boiling!
Taiwanese Oolong GABA Deep Blue – a smooth, silky Gaba with a wonderful tea state.
Shu Puerh Si Fang, from auntie Ming, 2015, 250 g. – a farmer Shu concocted by auntie Ming. Has a simply splendid flavor profile of moisty, earthy, vanilla and chocolate notes. 
White Tea Mei Ren Cha – It may seem like a Black tea, maybe even an Oolong – but it’s actually a White tea made using Black tea heating technology. The flavour profile is a pure joy ride for the taste buds 
Guangdong Oolong Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong, AAA - a great Dan Cong of intense heating with a mighty floral taste and a pleasant tartness. Cha Qi is strong with this one.