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A special type of tea which is harvested in the Yunnan province. Raw material for Puerhs is harvested from tea trees. leaves from trees differ in size, they are stronger and larger in size compared to leaves from tea bushes. Puerh Cha is an invigorating and strong tea

Puerh tea can be split into two categories: Shu Puerh (post-fermented, dark tea) and Sheng Puerh (Raw Puerh, which similarly to wine gets betters over the years).

Sheng Puerh (Raw)

Sheng Puerh Pa Sha Shan, 2020, 357 g.

24 CAD
Sheng Puerh (Raw)

Sheng Puerh Nan Ben Lao Zhai, 2020, 357 g.

36 CAD